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zanmini GN - 1058 Vacuum Food Sealer - China US Plug

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We know that food waste is always being a big issue for us. One of the worst enemies of food is air, there are a ton of other elements mixed with air which brings harmful substances resulting in perishable food. So you need our zanmini vacuum food sealer to make sure that your food or non-food items are in a place where air can not access f0or keeping fresher. This means less food waste, in turn, you will save more money and time and don't have to go to the market as often. It can automatically remove all the air from the bag, and lock in the flavor, color and nutrition of the food in an airtight space, which helps preserve the food freshness to extend the life of food. zanmini vacuum sealer is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions for your kitchen! 

Why the zanmini:
Simple operation: easy touch button operation can help you finish the sealing job in seconds. Just touch the button to handle different sealing jobs, even stop the sealing system through the CANCEL button to avoid food crushing due to overcompression.
Work for moist and dry food: no need for extensive prepping and pre-freezing before packing the food with vacuum thanks to the two different functions can give you full control of the tightness of the seal.
Easy to open the sealed bag: included a convenient bag corner cutter helps cut a notch to quickly open the sealed bag.
Cut bags to any length: customize the size of your vacuum bags for even the biggest or smallest of food, rather than having to carefully design a bag before starting the vacuuming process. Simply clip the bag into the cutter rack and slide the bag cutter and the sealer will do the rest for you.
Soft and hard food sealing available: with two pressures option you can safely zip-lock any food from breads to nuts for keeping completely fresh as long as possible.
Pickle different types of meat: use a vacuum system ( not included ) to pickle meat through removing the air and get your pickled meat instantly, as well as save canister food to last a longer time.
Preserve your opened wine: supplied a vacuum hose to remove the rest of wine bottle to keep the leftover the wine fresh for hours. You can also use it to get a full vacuum canister that is used to save other food.

Voltage: 100V - 240V
Sealing type: heating filament sealing
Rated power: 125W
Working noise: less than 68dB

To avoid breakdown of the sealer resulted from over-heating, please do not lock the top lid immediately after using.