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XK A800 RC Airplane Fixed Wing 780mm Wingspan 5CH 3D 6G Switchable 20mins Flight - White

$93.99 Only $89.29 for premium, Get your Premium now!

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Product SKU: AP0916

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Main Features:
● 3D / 6G mode switching, for beginners, middle and high-level players: 
- The 3D mode is flexible and accurately locks the flight attitude, making it easy to make various special effects
- The 6G mode has good stability. No matter the flight state of the aircraft, the rocker is released and the aircraft resumes smooth flight immediately
● Miniaturized and modular design: easy to install or detach the wing, vertical tail and horizontal tail
● Small package, easy to carry, low maintenance and transportation cost

● Beautiful and maneuverable front pull structure design
● Stable upper wing layout + streamlined design for a low resistance, providing a good gliding performance
● EPO material, lightweight and high strength