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VIMOTO V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset - Jet Black

$130.26 Only $123.75 for premium, Get your Premium now!

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Product SKU: AR0466

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Main Features:
Humanized design:
Smart voice: Chinese speech feedback for switching, power, device connection, and operation functions. Convenient operation, multi-mode settings. Man-machine control experience: large button and button pressure design, suitable for blind operation in riding 
New structure design:
Quick and easy disassembly and installation of mainframe, waterproof and anti-fall, gold-plated elastic needle structure, replaceable headset structure: suitable for 3/4, full cover, open face and other different types of helmets 
Multi-point connection:
Bluetooth connects 2 mobile phones + 1 Bluetooth headset + wired input audio source device simultaneously 
Bluetooth connects 1 mobile phone + 1 Bluetooth adapter ( K900T, K900N, K900S ) + 1 rear seat headset + wired input source device 
Long life:
850mAh battery capacity, continuous work 10 - 13 hours 
Super noise reduction technology:
When the microphone is exposed, it ensures clear 120km/h voice 
High-fidelity stereo sound:
Special structure speaker matching professional circuit design, shocking sound effects 
Unique communication technology:
Multiple communication modes can be switched freely