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TS - BT35A08 Car Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Converter Receiver - Black


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Product SKU: AR0494

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Product Description

TS-BT35A08 is a Bluetooth wireless music receiver that connects to any audio input. Now you can listen to music from your mobile phone, laptop or iPod, etc. without the hassle of cables. This model can be connected to the family A / V system, home electronics, headset, automobile and motorcycle speaker and boats, RVs and so on. Press on car music receiver, the switch on the button do not left still you find red and green light, Make electricity, it will automatically search a matching launch device. This product contains headset audio packaging line and adapter can let this TS-BT35A08 car music receiver connected to any receiving equipment.

Main Features:
Built-in microphone, support hands-free calls
Enjoy hands-free phone calls and music in the car, making your driving or trip more elegant and safer
Long transmission distance up to 10 meters
3.5mm inlet socket, can connect to Bluetooth device, but just only one every time
Sleep mode for energy saving
Conveniently charged via USB cable
Compact size for ease of carrying anywhere