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Oil Gauge Tachometer Motorcycle Modified Instrument Speed Odometer - Silver | Riich - E-commerce Solutions

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Oil Gauge Tachometer Motorcycle Modified Instrument Speed Odometer - Silver

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Product name: motorcycle universal multi-function modified instrument tachometer / odometer / oil gauge / speedometer combination
Product model: CS - 636A1
Product material: aluminum alloy material
Usage voltage: 12V
Installation range 12V motorcycle
Speedometer, the maximum display is 199. Can be set to km KM / H and miles MPH
Tachometer, the maximum display is 10,000 rpm
Oil gauge, there are two lines ( 8 - 98 Euro ) and three-line oil meter ( 33 - 565 Euro )
Odometer, there are two kinds of cumulative ODO and zero return TRIP, the default display ODO
Green - negative line
Black red - speed signal line
Blue and white - oil signal
Backlight, a total of 7 colors, can be switched freely: press the button for 3 seconds to switch the backlight color when the odometer is in the ODO state.
Switching between KM / H and MPH: Press and hold the button without releasing and then open the switch. The screen displays P0000. At this time, the bit 0 flashes.
Long press to jump to ten digits 0 flashes, short ten ten digits display is 1, then long press to jump to hundred digits flashing, short press 6 hundreds of digits to display 6.
Press and hold for thousands of digits, and press 6 times to display 6 digits. At this time, the screen displays 00466, which means that 46.6HZ corresponds to 60KM / H.