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Intelligent Motorcycle Tire Pressure Detection Tool - Black

$65.96 Only $62.66 for premium, Get your Premium now!

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Product SKU: AR0463

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Main features:
Real-time monitoring, access to first-hand data
Tire temperature monitoring, explosion-proof tires
Abnormal alert prompt, use more secure
 Wireless sensor reception, intelligent sensor, fast and worry-free
● Stable signal and strong anti-interference ability
● Tire pressure monitoring system supports Android and iOS systems, and requires mobile phone Bluetooth in Bluetooth 4.0 or above
● APP installation
Method 1: Scan the QR code on the card that came with the product to download and install
Method 2: Search for " motorcare " in Apple's APP store or Google play store. Download and install

● Kernel: ARM M0
● Working Humidity: 95 percent MAX
● Working voltage: 3V
● Tire pressure detection range: 100 - 1300Kpa
● Have your own style
● Beautiful PVC pattern stickers, home decor
● Bluetooth operating frequency: 2.4GHz
● Battery capacity: 140mAh
● Waterproof rating: IP67
● Display method: APP
● Storage temperature: -30 - 85 Deg.C
● Operating temperature: -30 - 80 Deg.C
● Tire pressure detection accuracy: + / - 3 Deg.C
● Working current: 100μA             
● Bluetooth transmit power: 0dBm