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Gocomma Car Tire Tyre Wheel Pressure Gauge Wireless Solar External Tester - Black

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Product SKU: AP0511

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System is used for real-time monitoring and alarming of information such as low tire pressure, high tire pressure, rapid air leakage, high temperature of tires and low battery voltage during driving. Effective information to maintain adequate tire pressure prevents the occurrence of puncture accidents, increases the safety of driving a car, reduces the extra cost of gasoline due to insufficient tire pressure, and extends the life of the tire. The direct tire pressure monitoring system is equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor in each tire, which can monitor the pressure and temperature of the tire in real time. After digital-to-analog conversion, the data is transmitted by radio signals to the display If the tire pressure is too high or too low during driving, or the tire will leak due to any reason, the system will automatically give out alarms to ensure safe driving.

Main features:
Solar energy power supply, fast charging and long duration, with the LCD color display, convenient to use 
Advanced wireless transmission technology guarantees the stable signal and accurate data
● Supports solar panel and micro USB charging, with built-in 500mAh lithium-ion battery
Real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring, with 4 groups of data displaying on the screen at the same time
Quick air leakage alarm, prevents flat tires, extends the tire's life and saves fuel 
Abnormal alarm, includes high and low tire pressure alarm, high-temperature alarm, low power alarm
● Universal for the car, SUV, commercial car, minibus and so on 
● Easy to install with adhesive tapes, simply attach the monitor to the windshield, no tools are needed 

Display: LCD color screen 
Voltage input: DC 5V 
Operating temperature: -20 - 80 Deg.C 
Storage temperature: -30 - 85 Deg.C 
Frequency: 433.92MHz ( + / - 50KHz ) 
Mounting method: adhesive tape
Battery: built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery ( standby 72 hours )
Charging: solar or micro USB 5V 1A ( 1.5 hours )
Sleep current: 15uA and less
External Sensor:
Detecting pressure range: 0 - 4.5 bar ( 0 - 65 psi ) ( note: the normal car pressure: 2.0 - 2.5bar; the normal minivan pressure: 3.0 - 3.5bar)
Operating temperature: -40 - 130 Deg.C 
Storage temperature: -40 - 125 Deg.C
Temperature accuracy: + / - 2 Deg.C 
Pressure accuracy: + / - 0.1bar 
Transmission sensitivity: less than 10dBm 
Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz 
Battery: one sensor contains one CR1632 120mAh battery ( 2 - 3.6V )
Battery life: 3 - 5 years