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CaDA C81002W M1 Type Garand Rifle Building Block Toy - Blue

$66.99 Only $63.64 for premium, Get your Premium now!

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Product SKU: AP0944

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Bullet launch distance: more then3m                           
Soft bullet size: φ13 x 63mm
1) Integrating the two characteristics of “Technology building blocks” and “gun shooting”, the playability is higher;
2) Manually installing soft bullets (delivering 5 soft bullets), building gun simulation gun ejection mechanism, and filling-type launching soft bullets;                                           
3) It can be used to build a display stand to increase the product display function; 
4) High-profile simulation gun appearance, realistic shape, high-end atmosphere;
5) The product is firm, and the color of the gun is bright and eye-catching;
6) The gun has multiple movable parts for play;
7) Exquisite high-grade atmospheric packaging, children's gifts;
Material: ABS