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Anet A8 Plus Aluminum Frame 3D Printer - Black EU Plug

$437.49 Only $415.62 for premium, Get your Premium now!

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Product SKU: SG0436

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Main Features:
• DIY, modular dual version, customers can choose according to their needs
• Aluminum frame, Y-axis double-axis, Z-axis double-threaded rod, stable structure, good transmission precision and high printing precision
• The molding size is 300*300*350mm, which solves the painful point of high price on the market
• X-axis and Y-axis belt tightness can be adjusted freely, effectively preventing the belt from loosening and jumping
• Automatic feeding and unloading function, easy to solve with feeding and refueling         
• Magnetic movable screen, breaking through the ergonomic design screen for easy operation
• Patent extrusion mechanism, smooth discharge without plugging, short-term feeding, improve the effect of printing soft consumables
• Aluminum substrate hot bed and glass panel, the printing is flat and not warped, easy to take out the model
• The latest upgraded motherboard, over-current protection, short-circuit protection circuit design, configuration of smaller current, safe and reliable