The Truth Untold

I love traveling.

I have been aspiring to travel ever since I saw Ian Wright on the Lonely Planet television series, his humor soaked escapades and sights of foreign land always inspired me. In this regard, last twelve months have been pretty exciting. To give you a perspective, I have been to more than a dozen cities in 6 countries. I got to see the Berlin Wall with so much emotion and bloodshed behind it, the ruins of Hampi, Spanish women in summer clothes and unclad Naga Sadhus with their dreadlocks and ash-smeared bodies in the freezing cold at Maha Kumbh.


What excites me about traveling is the immersive experience. For me it is about getting lost in the streets, stumbling upon great places, meeting people and preserving memories. It is the aroma of fresh seafood in Kochi, hearing the sound of 60,000 cheering FC Barcelona fans at Camp Nou, drinking strongly hopped pilsner in Prague and seeing a beautiful sunrise at Mahabalipuram.
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