Merchant Agreement Policy

Merchant Agreement Policy (MAP)

Riich is the new integration between Social Network and E-commerce, this community was built by us and dedicated to the betterment. We believe that true freedom comes from great teamwork and unity when we unite, we’ll have the power to talk, the power to bargain, the power to help and the power to change for a better world.

General Terms & Condition (GTC)

Merchant – is a company that registered a profile in Riich’s platform and list their products into the marketplace, to submit the products the merchant needs to create a user account (one user can only create one store or merchant account.

Type of Merchants

There are following merchant or business accounts at the moment such as;

Micro-Businesses – A small scale or family business.

Small & Medium Businesses- Riich Me provides an e-commerce platform that integrates sales management system (SMS), customers’ relationship management (CRM), inventory management (IM). Riich Me allows SMEs to digitize their traditional business, triple sales revenues with sales automated system and increase returned sales.

Enterprise/Large Organizations - Riich Me simplifies the way organizations can operate on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis through our diversified services, such as website and mobile app development, database, sales and enterprise resource management.

Product feature – Product feature is a highlighted product that shows on the home page of Riich, the product features will randomly be showing that recommended product to Riich’s members.  

Pricing – there are different pricing in the Riich marketplace

Retail price – the price for clients or end-user.

Wholesale Price – Wholesale price is the price for Riich Express Super Marketing, Mart and Mobile Mart. 

Resell price or seller price – the price for reseller, this price is excluding the sale margin that product owner offers to the reseller.


Payment and transaction FEE

By listing the product into Riich marketplaces and affiliate network you agreed that Riich will charge a transaction fee for 5% per sale, the transaction fee will be automatically deducted from the credit. The credit after the sale will be showing in status “On hold” in your e-wallet, usually, this amount will be finally released into your e-wallet after a week and to ensure that you have arranged the shipment to your clients.


Withdraw and payment.

The payment is made on a weekly basis, in order to withdraw the payment, you need to verify your e-wallet (RiichPAY wallet).


Last update: October 14, 2020.