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Why Invest with us?

Riich – is the new generation socializing platform base in Budapest the capital of Hungary central of Europe country, Riich is the all-in-one platform, and the new model of business that turn social media into e-commerce, all the Riich’s members can build an e-commerce business or online store with just a few clicks.

Travel and
Taxi Booking

Riich had released the following platform by May 2019, Riich Social Network service, Market places, RiichPAY (eWallet), Travel and Tours, Taxi booking.

Riich is the revolution of social networks and turning a smartphone into learning, earning, and sharing. All Riich members can create a business profile for FREE and list limited products and submit them into the Riich Affiliate program. This affiliate program is the powerful sale platform that supports the small and medium business by triple its sale revenue. Riich also offers Gold Business Sponsor service to boost products to stand out from the crowd; there are a lot more benefits for Gold Business Sponsor.

Riich’s marketplaces – allow the business to manage their sale performance, sale agent or affiliate partners, manage the clients and send the promotional code to the clients.
Powerful Payment Gateway – RiichPAY, this cashless platform is using as a payment gateway in the Riich’s market and allow users to send credit, buying kinds of stuff and withdraw the money via smartphone into Paypal or local bank account.

Minimum investment

  • USD500K – for master franchise – each country can have only one master franchise, and the master franchise has the right recruit standard franchise.
  • USD200K – for standard franchise – each country can have much standard franchise base on the area and location. Please feel free to contact our franchise manager for more information.
  • Standard franchise
  • Earn up to 50% profit
  • Social network marketing support
  • Customize the control panel dashboard that you can manage your clients.
  • Manage all your sale revenue via mobile app (android, iOS).
  • Control panel to monitor all the KPI – essential business performance.
  • Access and earn from all Riich’s platform
  • Master franchise
  • Earn up to 60% profit
  • Strongly support from loyal partners
  • Online support 24/7
  • Customize the control panel dashboard that you can manage your clients and standard franchise.
  • Manage all your sale revenue via mobile app (android, iOS).
  • Access and earn from all Riich’s platform
  • Personal franchise manager with fully supporting.