Empowering the M-SMEs

Improving Cambodian’s Living Standard, With Riich Express Mall Wholesale Platform, Everyone can own a BUSINESS.

Riich App

The No. 1 Wholesale eCommerce for beverages supply such as; Drinks, Beers, Alcohol & Whisky.

Riich Express Mall App

The leading eCommerce Wholesale supply Fashion & Style, Clothes, Shoes, Cosmetic, Vitamins & Food supplements.

Riich ePOS
eCommerce Point of Sale

The revolution of POS turns the smartphone & tablet into a robust POS machine to manage your businesses with fingers.

  • Point of Sale
  • Stock & Inventory Management.
  • Creating & Managing products.
  • Credit Report Management.
  • Customers Management.
  • Sales Revenue & Profit tracking.
  • Coupon Management.
  • Automated Receipting Printing.
  • eWallet
  • and much more.

Riich Business App

View your store's sales, stock records, analytics anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.

  • No technical skills are required.
  • We simplified the hard job for you and allow you to manage businesses with the smartphone, anywhere, anytime.
  • To manage and creating new products.
  • Real-time managing sales transactions.
  • eCommerce and Internal Sales Management.
  • Customers Management System.
  • Marketing System.
  • Stock & Inventory Management.
  • eCommerce Inventory Management.
  • Dynamic sales report.
  • Delivery Management System.
  • Staffs Management System.
  • And much more.