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  • Brakewel manufactures both asbestos free and asbestos Chinaclutchbrake China Brake Pad and is O.E. supplier to all reputed companies in India. It manufactures brake lining for cars, tractors and brake blocks for light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, overhead cranes, hoist, mining equipments and winches.Clutch facing is made of fibre, friction modifier, resin, rubber crumb, metal particles, fillers, lubricant, abrasive.Clutch facing is classified into asbestos and non-asbestos. Meanwhile, the production mode is woven and wound. It has a medium coefficiency of friction and high strength & Speed. The clutch facing has been designed conforming to the international standard availabel in clutch and vehicle manufacturers on non-speed and non-pressure sensivity resistance to fade and wear. We supply clutch facing for JAPAN, USA, GERMAN, BRISTIAN and other vehicle. Clutch linings are a type of friction material, similar to brake linings. They have a much different function, however; a clutch is used to transfer the motion of one mechanical component to another by keeping two surfaces in contact. The clutch lining is what prevents these two surfaces from slipping.


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