How to create shipping zone for my products?

    You can manage and set up the shipping fee base on shipping zones for your customers.


    [1]. Go to "My store" and click on "Shipping" then select "Create shipping zone."

    [2]. Create the name of your " New shipping zone." e.g., Flate rate shipping zone

    [3]. Click "Add" to add a select country for your shipping zone.

    [4]. Click "Enable" all the select country and Click "Save."



    [5]. Click on "Manage shippings."

    [6]. Select the shipping type, e.g., Free shipping, per item shipping rate, pick up from store, flat shipping rate or weight based shipping.

    [7]. Click the "Edit" button.

    [8]. Click "Add" and select your shipping zone

    [9]. Add the price for your shipping fee and click "Enable."

    [10]. Click "Save."



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