How to create a new Poll?

    The public-opinion survey in which either all members of a particular group or randomly chosen respondents from a sector of the population, are asked carefully designed questions to extract specific information.

    To increase a new poll, please log in to your account.

    [1]. The clock on "Polls."

    [2]. Create new POll

    [3]. Fill up Poll's title, answers

    [4]. Choose a Poll category (Choose default category)

    [5]. Tick [V] if you allow users to select more than one answer, otherwise leave it blank for only one.

    [6]. Adding thumbnail photo

    [7]. Select your privacy setting. e.g. Everyone, Friends ..etc

    [8]. Adding tag about your poll e.g. #Information technology trend

    [9]. Tick on - Allow to voters to add a new answer, if not then leave it blank.

    [10]. Select show on feed

    [11]. Click "Save"



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