How to create a new coupon for my client?

    You can easily send the coupon to your customers from Riich platform, and you can select the number of customers that you want to send the coupon, to sent coupon please follow below steps:

    1]. Log in to your account

    2]. Go to "My store."

    3]. Click on "Manage Coupon"

    4]. Click on "Create a new coupon."

    5]. Enter "Coupon code" (You can create any of your coupon code. e.g., HNY20OFF

    6]. Fill up the Description

    7]. Select the products that you want to apply the "Coupon."

    8]. In the Discount type "Cart Discount" or "Card % Discount."

    9]. Enter "Coupon Amount,"e.g., 30 for 30% OFF.

    10]. Select Coupon Expiry date

    11]. Enter "Usage limit per coupon. e.g., 1-time use, or 2-time use, leave it or enter (0) for unlimited use.

    12]. Tick on [V] Active and Click "Apply" and "Save"


    To send the coupon to your customers, you can click on "Customers."

    13]. Select the customers that you want to send "Coupon," at this part, you can select numbers of customers as what you want.

    14]. Click on "Action" button

    15]. Click on "Send Coupon"

    16]. Write any message for the coupon

    17]. Click "Send"




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