How to create a new product?

    You can list unlimited products into Riich marketplaces; please follow the below steps:

    [1]. Log into your account

    [2]. Click on [Marketplaces] at the top right-hand side menu or and the left-hand side menu.

    [3]. Click on Create a new product

    [4]. Fill up your product information such as, product code, product name, product type, category, producer, price, click on submit product to affiliates or automated system, add the discount price, fill up brief information and product description.

    [5]. Click Apply

    How to add the images to product

    You can add many images of your product

    [1]. Click on tape [image]

    [2]. Drag and drop or click to upload the images photos

    [3]. Click "Apply"


    How to insert video into your product?

    [1]. Click on [Video] tape

    [2]. Click on "Upload Video]

    [3]. Click "Apply"



    [1]. Out of stock -- for out of stock status

    [2]. Allow share

    [3]. Allow discussion

    [4]. Allow review

    [5]. Warranty period

    [6]. Product weight.



    You can create multiple attributes for your product, like size, color, etc. These attributes will be visible to buyers on the product details page. For each attribute, you can specify the price increment/decrement from the base price of the product.




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