Who is Riich?

    Riich is the social e-commerce & travel network, the new generation of social services that intergrated social network, ecommerce and travel into a unique platform, based in Budapest, the beautiful Hungarian capital in the heart of Europe. 

    Riich is an all-in-one platform and a new model of business development that turns social media into e-commerce. All Riich’s members can build an e-commerce business or online store by just a few clicks. Riich is providing: online social network service, the marketplace, and affiliate marketing, online payment gateway (RiichPAY), travel and tour packages, and much more.

    Riich is the revolution of a social network, turning the smartphone into learning, earning, and sharing. All Riich members can create their business profiles for FREE, and submit the list of their products and services into the Riich Affiliate program, a powerful sales platform supporting the small and medium business by triple their revenues. Riich also offers a Gold Business Sponsor service, which – among other benefits - aims to develop and promote products of outstanding quality.

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