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  • No. 38, St. 322, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkar Morn Phnom Penh, 12302 Cambodia
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    Construction & Erection Insurance

    Our policies offer a comprehensive and wide range of cover to protect your project whilst in course of construction/erection. Cover is given against loss or damage in respect of the contract works, construction plant and equipment as well as third party claims for property damage or bodily injury arising out of the insured construction project.

    Coverage can also be arranged to insure the construction workers against death or injury whilst on site and also marine cargo cover for imported specialist machinery etc. needed on the project.

    General Third Party Liability Insurance

    Our policies cover all injuries and damages caused to third parties no matter what the occupational activities are. For example, our hotel policy can cover death or injury to customers including food poisoning.

    We can insure all types of liabilities.Marine Cargo 'Open' Cover

    We can cover all your imports and/or exports from or to Cambodia on an all risks basis with cover applying from door to door including any storage or transport on route. We cover your goods whilst in transit by road rail ship or air.

    We normally agree on annual “open covers” on a shipment declaration basis with our clients to ensure all shipments are covered from or to anywhere in the world. We have a network of international claims agents in every major port in the world to ensure a smooth claims process no matter where in the world the loss or damage occurs.

    Other Insurance

    People & Partners Insurance PLC also provides a comprehensive range of insurance products for individuals:

    • Home Insurance
    • Small Commercial Business
    • Motor Insurance
    • Travel Insurance


    We can insure you.Personal Accident Insurance


    Our policy cover against death, injury, permanent disability and medical expenses for those injured by accident. Ours is 24 hours cover with benefits tailored to suit our clients’ needs and budget.


    We also offer also Group Personal Accident Insurance.

    Health Insurance

    We provide reimbursement for medical and hospital expenses due to illness or accidents to yourself and/or your employees. Our network of clinics and hospitals will be made available to our clients to ensure the best service possible.

    We can insure you.

    People & Partners Insurance PLC was conceived by our shareholders in March 2014, and our core project team started working with the Ministry of Economic and Finance in May 2014. We supplied all necessary documents and satisfied all technical requirement to the ministry by September 2014, and we received an in principle go ahead before a full license was grantedon 22/04/2015.

    PPI Insurance has a special expertise in this class of insurance especially inrelation to large infrastructure-type projects such a road, bridges, railway construction, powser plants and oil & gas related (refineries and petrochemical risks).

    PPI Insurance can cover private, commercial and industrial risks and would normally survey premises to assess risks and where necessary suggest improvements which could reduce overall premium costs. We can also insure the loss of profits a fire or similar peril.

    PPI Insurance has a world wide network of claims settlement agents and port in the world. We can cover imported or exported goods, all kinds of vessels and have special facilities for coveringports, cargo terminals.

    People & Partners Insurance has an entire teams dedicated to individual and corporate Risks. This expertise allows PPI Insurance to offer the industry's most competitive packages of insurance products and services.

    PPI Insurance has a number of special packages for health care depending on levels of service required. All our policies have 24 hours call center for claims.

    The cover given is for all risk and can include gold and other valuable commodities. Security precautions taken can reduce the premium in all cases.

    These policies can be extended to include personal accident benefits to employees who maybe attacked whilst carrying or handling money on behalf of the insured. Full fidelity guarantee cover can be given in the certain cases covering dishonesty of employees.

    Policies are available for not just private car an motorcycles but also goods carrying vehicles, buses, taxis, agricultural vehicles tankers and special service vehicles such as fire engines and ambulance. PPI Insurance specializes in arranging "fleet insurance" for multiple vehicle owners and operators.

    These are now fully completed –i.e. underwriting systems, claims network, quotations, policy wordings, international reinsurance, recruitment of both experienced staff and graduate trainees, intensive training programmed, dedicated IT system, marketing strategy, branding/campaign, website, new building office refurbishment, fixture and fittings, etc. We have held our internal blessing and soft opening ceremony on 22nd April, 2015, and we will shortly start our Advertising and Branding Campaign to serve our customers.

    • We aim to be different, we strive for innovation, transparency, trust, strength, security, and to build the most profitable, professional, and customer focused insurance company in Cambodia.
    • We aim to ensure that we are the customer’s first choice through the speedy delivery of friendly services and utilizing our incomparable experience in the insurance business.
    • We aim to provide top class service and great value for money in all categories of the insurance portfolio we carry and compete in.
    • In all our business endeavors we aim to show concern for society and the environment.
    • We aim to be the most respected and secure insurance company in Cambodia.
    • We aim to be the most innovative company in the market tailoring the customers’ needs in every category of business.
    • Our intensive training programs will provide our management and staff with secure and promising careers with sure promotions for those who meet key performance indicators (KPI).

    Property Insurance

    This type of policy can be either fire and perils or property “all risks” giving wider cover. We would normally do a free survey of your factory or premises to assist you in minimizing risks and thereby reducing the premium.

    For properties worth in excess of 10m US dollars we can negotiate a “special” rate with our reinsurers.

    Motor Insurance

    We strongly recommend that you insure your vehicle (s) on a “comprehensive” basic covering in the same policy:

    • Third party liability (injury, death, damage to other vehicle or property)
    • Your vehicle’s own damage
    • Driver and passengers – death, disablement and medical expenses

    We can insure all types of vehicle – cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

    • Aviation
    • Contractors all risks
    • Erectors all risks
    • Freight / Marine
    • Medical
    • Miscellaneous
    • Motor
    • Oil and gas
    • Personal accident
    • Fire / property
    • Tourist
    • Workmans compensation

    Accidents can happen anytime anywhere. PPI Insurance can arrange for individual or group schemes, including hazardous occupations covering death, disablement and medical expenses following such accidents.

    All coverage is reinsured by PPI Insurance outside Cambodia. All of our reinsurance is placed with approved underwriters in London and other markets including Lloyd's.

    PPI Insurance has devised a unique fully integrated scheme for all traveler incorporating accident and illness insurance, medical services and full emergency evacuation coverage.