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Book review: The little Prince

The little Prince is a fable by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The narrator of the story is a pilot who is stranded in the desert. The pilot meets a strange child known as the little prince. They become friends and the little prince tells the pilot his story.

The little prince comes from a far-off asteroid. His asteroid is tiny. He has only a rose for company there. He has left the asteroid to find the answer to his travels around the universe, the little prince has met many strange grown-ups such as a businessman who spends his time counting stars.

The little prince Find it hard to understand these grown-ups. He thinks they do not know what is really important. For example, they are blinded by number and money. The little prince thinks love and things that cannot be seen are more important. This reminds the narrator of himself when he was a child.

I like the story and illustrations. The little prince talks about myself. He helps us see what really important in the life. This a very meaningful story and everyone, both children and grown-ups, should read it.




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