Influence of technology in Fashion industry

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A lot has changed in the fashion world in the last several decades Technology has turned the entire fashion industry upside down, making all types of fashion more accessible to a large spectrum of consumers, but also more of a challenge for designers and retailers when it comes to competition.

Beginning in the mid-1800s, fashion brands were sought through retail catalogues which allowed access from even the most remote locations. Fast-forward 100 years and the most effective ways to which to reach the consumer included magazines and television commercials. In the last twenty years, consumers have been introduced to a revolutionary technology in the form of computers and the internet.

Today, consumers are able to search their favorite designer, brand or  online retailer or through their phone and order whatever they desire, in the matter of minutes. Accessibility to your favorite fashion or brand has broadened more than ever imagined from mobile technology to social media and more.


You probably can relate to the idea of doing research on your phone to determine what shirt would look nice with your new pants while in a shopping mall or boutique. Or maybe you can relate to the practice of taking a picture of yourself in the changing room and having your friend or partner tell you whether they like what you’re wearing or not.

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Online sellers and  Managing payments:

With online-store building sites such as amazon, flipkart and snapdeal and other , designers and retailers from every corner of the earth can sell their goods. Payment  can now  be done with services like PayTm, PayPal or e-transfers.You don’t need to go out of your house just order it through your mobile/PC and delivery boy wil bring that item you require at your doorstep.

Emergence of social media:

A huge bonus for fashion has been the success of branding on social media. Social media is free advertising, so from Facebook promotion shares, Retweets on twitter, Quora answers to Pinterest pins. The more a brand is shared, the more consumers it potentially gains. Cosumers are also able to have access to the reviews of a particular products by other users through social media platforms.


Mobile shopping:

Fashion and technology cannot be overviewed neglecting the power of mobile technology. Since the smartphone’s debut, within one click we can have access to hundreds of fashion apps.

Spontaneous Shopping:

Consumers need to be attracted, and make them purchase whatever they need or sometimes make them purchase unnecessary items. These days, technology is as important as good design and sense of style for someone or something in the fashion industry to make it work. With a little knowledge, a little research and a little work, those in the fashion industry can and should become as savvy in technology as they are in what consumers put on in the morning.

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Budding trend setters will know that fashion moves in cycles. What is trending one season may well be deemed outdated the next. As there are only a finite number of trends out there, the aim of the fashion world is to continually improve on what already exists. It could be argued that technology and its development is similar. An idea springs to mind and developers take that idea and experiment with it to create an end product, which then over time becomes new and improved. You only have to consider the cell phone to realize that, like fashion, technology experts are constantly seeking ways to make the devices we already own, better, and to improve on existing knowledge. As stated above, our impression and ideas about technology and indeed fashionable technology are constantly changing. These changes are generally in line with the rate at which technology is being developed. It’s in our nature to want the newest, most improved technological device. In recent years we have witnessed a somewhat rapid expansion in technology and the ways in which we use it.

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