Rules for Optimising Content in the Social Media Age 

Posted in Technology on October 27 2021 at 05:07 PM


So be brief, especially in headlines. Headlines should be short, clear and compelling, so that people who retweet can add a comment without changing your headline.

Then: Repetitive content

Now: Varied content

My grandpappy told me of an era when content needed to stay fairly consistent (read: repetitive) so search engines would know what you were all about. Those were simpler, more innocent times.

Now, of course, people get bored by repetition, and bored users do not return to sites. Search engines have of course gotten much more sophisticated, and they can tell when users act like Transcriberry content is useless. They do this by measuring things like bounce rates.

So you need to write content that is so attention grabbing that users want to come back.

How do you do this?

You do want to be relevant to your industry, but you need to be unique.

No one cares about best zoom transcription service company’s take on the US presidential elections, right?


But maybe that transcription company can demonstrate a bizarre connection, like showing that transcription sales soar right before a Republican is elected. That is interesting and totally shareable.

And also made-up, but you get the idea.

But it also proves another point.

Your content can deviate from what your business strictly does.

So a post that shows a correlation between clean windows and elections has little to do with the day-to-day aspects of cleaning windows, but it gets people clicking on your site. And telling other people. And coming back later.


If you put up this interesting, shareable content regularly, and you should rank in normal search results and in real-time, Twitter and Facebook searches. Which means you’re everywhere people look for information online. And even the people who didn’t know they were looking for you will find you.


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