Tips for writing essays on exams

Posted in Learning & Education on June 12 2021 at 03:01 AM

Here are some helpful tips when you have to write an English essay for an exam:

  • First, read carefully what is required of you in writing the essay and its title in order to understand the topic correctly.
  • Secondly, write down several arguments on the draft so that you can choose the best ones from them later.
  • Be sure to follow the structure of the essay: introduction, main part, conclusion.
  • Observe the style of writing one of the three types of essays.
  • Write the essay strictly within the specified volume: if the essay volume is given 200-250 words, then write exactly that much.
  • Use connective words and introductory constructions without fail.
  • Use synonyms and antonyms to make the text look more interesting and lively.
  • In English essays, you must not use short forms and abbreviations.
  • Do not use slang words. Only literary language.
  • Check your work at least twice: the first time immediately after writing, the second time before handing in online class hero reviews. To check for mistakes in words, read the essay from the end to the beginning.

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