Thailand 11 Travel Tips and Advice

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With its numerous gorgeous beaches, mouth-watering food, sparkling temples, scenic views and laid-back way of life, Thailand is surely an exceptional vacation destination which attracts a number of tourists every year. If you could get some insider tips for travelling to Thailand from India, then it would surely help you plan a safe, hassle-free and a more enjoyable trip a bit easily than before. Continue reading the 11 top tips which will prove to be a manual covering everything ranging from packing, shopping, safety and a lot more to ease your Thailand experience.

  1. Must-Things to Pack

Make sure that you pack some scarves and stoles, as they will help you in covering your head when going to temples. If you are suffering from some medical problem and are taking some prescribed medicines, ensure that you carry them with you. An effective sunscreen and beach hat are a must have when you are planning to visit the beaches or try the water sports. For treks it is important to carry torchlight, trekking shoes, a handy water bottle, a power bank and re-hydration sachets too.

  1. Carry Enough Cash

No matter how many Thailand travel guides you go through, all will tell you that Thailand is a majorly cash based country, so make sure that you carry at least 5,000 Baht per member in cash for all the local expenses as well as for visa. If you are going for Four Island, Phi Phi Island tour make sure to carry cash of around 200 to 500 Baht per member, as this amount is a compulsory National Park Fee which needs to be paid to the Thailand Government there only and can’t be paid in advance.

  1. Transaction Reminders

Be very careful when withdrawing money from ATM and also try withdrawing money in odd figures in order to get some change. However, there are some shops which take credit/debit card transactions, so before going on the vacation, double check that your debit/credit card is international.

  1. Document Reminders

For visa application, 2 passport sized photographs with 70% face coverage, clicked in a light-coloured background are required. If you have booked some prior tour, then make sure to keep the hotel vouchers as well as the agent’s contact number handy. Other than the online copies of the documents, make sure that you also keep scanned and hard copies of the travel documents, in case there is no internet access.

  1. Check your Passport

Passport is one of the most important documents when you are going on a foreign land. So, keep your original passport as well as the flight tickets positively and very carefully. Moreover, before going on the vacation you also need to ensure that your passport has at least one blank page and is valid for the duration of upcoming six months.

  1. International Calling

In the hustle bustle of packing for the vacation, people tend to forget about international calling. Make sure that you activate international calling in your SIM card in Thailand. In case you can’t, then you must opt for the local SIM card sold in the airports of Bangkok and Phuket.

  1. Safety Tips

Always keep the contact details of your travel agent or tour executive handy. Moreover, if you are on a solo trip, then try to avoid going to isolated beaches because the probability of getting mugged is high. Nightlife of Thailand is very famous but you should adhere to general safety tips like not getting heavily drunk, leaving the drink unattended being in groups, avoiding isolated areas and so on. Also, keep cash in small amounts in different places.

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  1. Tips while renting a scooter/car

Unless, you are a really great driver, it is recommended that you do not rent a bike as Thailand has some terrible road safety records. However, if you are adamant of driving a scooter, then make sure that wear a full-face helmet, clothing which fully covers your body and closed footwear while driving for safety. Also, while renting a car, if the provider asks for your passport for insurance or any other purpose, then it is best that you look for another rental company which accepts some other IDs.

  1. Shopping Tips

When shopping in Thailand’s local markets, there is a huge scope for bargaining but for the best deals, try to learn a bit of Thai. It will really help all the shopaholics to get some really great discounts. For getting items at the cheapest price, it is better to first surf the market and then pick the best alternative. Make sure that you carry enough cash because not every shop may accept credit card.

  1. Food Tips

You must know that the local food is not only cheaper but is also a lot tastier. For the best and cheapest food, go to less touristy areas. They will be less crowded as well. If eating from a street vendor, then choose the one who prepares the meal in front of you. If you are allergic to anything specific, then learn about the ingredients of the dish you are ordering clearly.

  1. Clothing Tips

Prepare yourself for cold weather in Thailand. You may think of not packing warm clothes for a tropical country like Thailand but the people here have an extraordinary love for air conditioning, so the indoors, buses, trains and even mini vans can be really chilly. Make sure to pack handy at least one lightweight jacket, shrug or sweater when using public transportation, going in malls, during evenings on islands and in other cool places.

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