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KILT founder, Muy Seu Bel (Bel), is a Cambodian landmine victim, and since the age of seven, after having had his right leg amputated, he has had to fend for himself. 

Bel is a lucky man: a fortunate meeting with Mr. Akira, the director of a De-mining NGO and a founder of sheltered home for children with physical disabilities, gave Bel the opportunity to learn English and go to University.

And yet, despite his qualifications, the moment employers found out he was an amputee, Bel’s applications were turned down time after time.

Pushed by his anger at the unfairness of this situation, Bel decided to join forces with others like himself, and find a way to make the difference to their lives. 
Musicians, painters and teachers - but also people with no specific qualifications put their skills to good use: performing live music in the Angkor Wat Temple complex; teaching English in the poorer schools in outer-city suburbs and learning to make hard-stone jewellery. Their profits were reinvested in their Association, and their activities started multiplying.

In 2009 Bel and his young friends, with a lot of hard work and a little help from a handful of foreign friends, founded KILT - the Khemer Independant Life Team, an officially recognized NGO.

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