Siem Reap Best Kept KNOWN Secrets

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Depart from your hotel and proceed to Wat Thmey pagoda to see one of the killing fields where collectively more than 8 thousand people were murdered and buried during the ruling of the Pol Pot regime in 1975-1979. Number of Bones and skulls are being collected from different craves and kept into a memorial stupa representing as one of the saddest memories of the local people of Cambodia toward the victims.

Head back to the city by having a short stop at Artisan D’Angkor. Artisan D’Angkor is a non-profit social enterprise, established in 1992 in order to support Cambodian arts and crafts, and to help young people find work in their local villages by continuing the practice of traditional arts. Discover how wood and stone are  carvings, lacquering, gilding, and silk paintings are created. Proceed to one of local market, Angkor Art Center Night Market and Old Market where collection of hundred types of local souvenir products made by woods, silver, brown, mental, etc. are being sold. Uniquely, it is one of the biggest local spice and ingredient market in Siem Reap. After lunch visit two contrasting museum-  

ART BOX Museum, the only one 3D Art-Box trick Museum in Cambodia. There, you will enjoy a new fantastic experience with friends, lovers and family taking creative and trick photos  of yourself with many places emerging landmark. Followed by visit to Angkor National Museum to gain more insight about the Khmer civilization. Angkor National Museum is an archaeological museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and presentation of Angkorian artifacts, also to provides information and education about art and culture of Khmer civilization, with collections mainly dated from Khmer Empire's Angkor period circa 9th to 14th-century.

End up of the tour with a refreshing tea breaks top at Urban Tree Hut or Menaka Café for your refreshing cold drinks or hot tea with local sweets.  Proceed to visit hard Rock Café for their famed signature souvenir and also visit the Market of Cambodia – a collection of small shops selling local product and set dinner at The Hard Rock Café .Transfer back to the hotel or continue on your own to explore the Angkor Night Market .

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