8 Places to Visit in Mondulkiri

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Never have I ever thought Mondulkiri would be this breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve heard many stories of how people fall in love with the province and didn’t want to leave and I couldn’t believe I would be one of them myself.

My friends and I took a night bus from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri and we got to the province at around 3:30AM. We checked into our accommodation, unpacked our bags, sat at the balcony, fell in love with the stars and decided to just sit there and watched these beautiful blinking fairy lights till dawn.

I didn’t get to see the scenic beauty of the mountain and S-curve road en route to the province because it was all too dark. But it wasn’t too late for we still had 5 more days.

Here are the places we visited during our time in Mondulkiri. The next article will be about the most recommended things to do once you’re in this eastern part of Cambodia.

#1 Sea Forest Bai Chow

I’ve never known there are two sea forests here in Mondulkiri. Sea Forest Bai Chow is the new one.

Sea Forest Bai Chow isn’t that far from Sen Monorom. It took us around 15mn to get there. The entrance fee is 1000riels a person which is around 0.25USD.

To have the whole place to yourself without any interruption from other people taking photos, it’s best to leave to Sea Forest Bai Chow for sunrise or latest at 6:30AM if you’ve missed the sunrise.


Apart from the view, there’s also a small corner where you can have your food and just enjoy the view.

#2 Bousra Waterfall

Who would miss Bousra Waterfall once they’ve got their foot set in Mondulkiri?

Sadly we didn’t get the whole shot of the 3 stages of Bousra because we almost lost our drone.

Bousra Waterfall is around 43km from Sen Monorom Town. It took us approximately hour by rickshaw to get there.

The road to Bousra is all paved and can be easily reached by car. You will be charged 10000riels (2.5USD) once you get to the first entrance. Good news is that it’s free of charge if you go to Bousra by tuktuk or rickshaw. The second entrance fee is 1000riels (0.25USD) a person, but it was also free for us since we were there for Mayura Zipline. More details of the zipline will be posted in the next article.

There are 3 stages falls here and the 3rd stage isn’t made for swimming. All the three stages are not recommended to swim during this time of the year.

The best time to visit Bousra Waterfall is between November to January.

If you’re hungry and wish to have food or snacks here, no worries- street vendors can be found everywhere!

#3 Phnom Doh Krormom​

This is where you can find the “I love Mondulkiri” sign. There’s a sacred place on this mountain and I was told your wish will be granted once asked here.

From this wooden platform, you can have a lovely view over Sen Monorom. The best time to visit this place is during sunset.

There’s no entrance fee to this place and it can be reached by all means of transportation; car, motor, tuktuk.

#4 Sea Forest Phnom Doh Krormom

Just around 5km from Phnom Doh Krormom, you’ll successfully reach your destination.

Sea Forest Doh Krormom is another viewpoint overlooking the forest to the east. The best time to visit this place is during sunset.

No entrance fee is needed for Sea Forest Phnom Doh Krormom, but if you wish to take photos at each photo spot, you’ll be charged 2000riels (0.5USD) each and have 5mn to take the photos without any interruption from the others.

#5 Putang Village

Ever heard of Pnong?

What did you say? Indigenous people of Mondulkiri? Yes, that’s right! Putang Village is where you can find Pnong Community!

This village is 10km away from Sen Monorom. Here you can find traditional Pnong house, also known as turtle house and you can also get to interact and learn more about how these people live. More details of this minority group will be posted in the next article.

#6 Kbal Preah Waterfall​

This is by far the most difficult place to reach during our time in Mondulkiri.

We were told it’s only 18km away from town and that i​t’s all smooth pavement and really easy to find. But guess what!? All wrooooong!!!

We spent a whole morning on our motorbike. We started from the paved road to the slippery bumpy dirt road across the mountains then from the dirt road to the blocked road and finally to the muddy road in the forest, and still- WE COULDN’T FIND where the waterfall is.

I believe this waterfall is still left untouched because not many people have reached the place besides the local. If you wish to go there, my suggestion would be to bring someone who knows exactly where Kbal Preah Waterfall is so that you wouldn’t waste your time.

Bear in mind that this waterfall cannot be reached by car, motorbike is your best bet.

Here is the photo of the waterfall from a local friend of mine who’s been there.

#7 Andong Sne​

Always wonder where that S-curve road in Mondulkiri that every blogger has their shot with is? This is it- Andong Sne is where it is!

Andong Sne, Love Well in English, is 20km from Sen Monorom to Vietnam border. 20km sounds like a really tiring journey, but no worries- the road is all paved, you can get there in 30mn or even less!

I don’t get why this place is called Andong Sne when there’s literally no “andong” or lake or anything you can swim at all. Mysterious, isn’t it? Maybe someone can dig in the info and share with me later!? Hahah

The best time to visit this place is either in the early morning when it is quiet and peaceful or late afternoon when the sun almost sets but filled with people picnicking, but you can always find a photo spot to yourself.


#8 Pine Tree Plantation

My friends and I drove past this plantation all the time during our stay and we didn’t really find the place appealing because it is basically just trees. Why do people even write articles about this place on their blogs? I mean what’s so interesting about it when you can find trees everywhere in Mondulkiri?

But on second thought, I think there must be something beyond the look so we decided to stop by this place the last morning in Mondulkiri.

I guess we’ve made the PERFECT choice. There really is SOMETHING beyond the look. I’m stunned by how inviting the sun is- it’s just in the perfect position.

But everything has its own dark side, hasn’t it?

Rubbish is EVERYWHERE here. I wish people who picnic here knew how to bring their rubbish home.

Pine tree plantation is 10mn drive from Sen Monorom. The best time to visit the place is during sunrise.

Credit: https://avytravel.com/8-places-to-visit-in-mondulkiri/


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