Groom’s Processional (Parade) – Hai Goan Gomloh

On the second day, the groom will come and bring gifts to the bride’s house to meet her family and talk to the bride family. Guest when coming should bring a silver tray of fruit and gifts so they can follow the groom’s journey to the bride’s house (often a short distance). When the groom approaches his wife’s house, all these silver trays will be presented on the floor, then a young lady will dance and sing among the gifts to show the richness of groom’s family.

Honoring the Ancestors – Sien Doan Taa

As a religious country, Cambodians always show respect and admiration to their ancestors. In this occasion, the bride and groom stand in front of altar ancestors bow their head and offer food and tea. Meanwhile, a person “calls” ancestors to come and watch the new family member and bless for good living family. Cambodia often performs this kind of ceremony at an important occasion like the lunar new year, full-month celebration party and harvest moon festivals.

Hair-Cutting (Cleansing) Ceremony – Gaat SahCambodian believes that the bride and groom’s hair should be cut to clean their past and be ready for a fresh start in a new relationship as husband and wife. On this ceremony, the couple sits next to each other in chairs, while two Khmer singers (one man, one woman) dance around; pretend to cut the couple hair and spray the perfume.

Hair-Cutting (Cleansing) Ceremony – Gaat Sah in Cambodia wedding

Hair-Cutting (Cleansing) Ceremony – Gaat Sah in Cambodia wedding

The Third Day of Cambodian Ceremony

Passing of Blessings – Bongvul Pbopul

This ceremony, not only family but the guests will also be get involved. The couple kneels in a center of the circle made by married couples. Then three candles are passed around the couple seven times. The aim of this ceremony is to help the young couple receive happy and successful from married couples.

Knot-Tying Ceremony – Sompeas Ptem

This is the final and the most memorable ceremony at the wedding, which family members and guests tied a red string around the bride and groom’s wrists. This ceremony is all about blessing the happiness, good health, success and long-lasting love for the young couple. The ceremony ended with guests throws pka sla, or white seeds taken from palm tree pods.

Knot tying in Khmer Cambodia wedding ceremony

Knot tying in Khmer Cambodia wedding ceremony

It will be a precious opportunity for you if you are invited to a Cambodian traditional wedding, which shows us the unique culture you can find nowhere on this planet.